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Wainwright Economic Development Support Fund

The Town of Wainwright offers funding to community groups or organizations providing an event or activity that will encourage positive economic activity in the community. Grants and sponsorships are awarded based on applications submitted which meet the criteria of promoting local economic activity. The fund is in place for events/activities that will bring economic development opportunities from outside the Town and M.D. boundaries into Wainwright and for the initial start-up of events/activities doing the same. It can also support community organizations providing benefits for Wainwright and area residents. Events that receive funding from other Town Departments may not be considered for this funding. Please note that groups or organizations may only be eligible for funding once per year and established/proven events/activities may qualify for reduced funding. Funding is made available annually through the Town of Wainwright’s Economic Development Support Fund Budget.

Economic Development Support Fund Application

For more information about this funding opportunity please contact Carley Herbert,
Economic Development Officer @ 780-842-3381 or by email

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