Town Services


Wainwright was incorporated as a Town on August 14, 1910 with Mr. H. V. Pawling as the first Mayor.

The Mayor and Councillors are elected for a four-year term, and the position of Deputy Mayor is rotated amongst the Councillors every two months.

The regular meetings of the Council of the Town of Wainwright are held on the first and third Tuesday’s of the month commencing at 7:00 p.m. The meetings are held in the Council Chambers located in the Town Office. All council meetings are open to the public. If you would like to make a presentation to Council, please contact the Chief Administrative Officer for an appointment by the Thursday prior to the meeting.

Town Council 2013 – 2017

From left: Randy Tizzard, Trish MacGregor, Will Challenger, Brian Bethune, Bob Foley, Pat Moroz and Bruce Pugh

Town Council

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Committees of Council

During their term in office Councillors are appointed to serve on standing committees of Council and sub-committees of Council, as well as various other Boards and committees.

Committees of Council

Standing Committees

Mayor Brian Bethune is an ex-officio member of all committees.

Finance & Administration

  • Clr Randy Tizzard – Chairman
  • Clr Patrick Moroz
  • Clr Bruce Pugh

Public Health, Welfare & Environmental Health Services

  • Clr Bruce Pugh – Chairman
  • Clr Will Challenger

Property Planning & Development

  • Clr Will Challenger – Chairman
  • Clr Bob Foley
  • Clr Randy Tizzard

Protective Services, Bylaws Airport & Disaster Services

  • Clr Bob Foley – Chairman
  • Clr Patrick Moroz
  • Clr Bruce Pugh

Recreation, Parks & Cemetery

  • Clr Patrick Moroz – Chairman
  • Clr Bob Foley

Transportation & Utilities

  • Clr Bob Foley – Chairman
  • Clr Will Challenger
  • Clr Randy Tizzard


CUPE Negotiating Committee

  • Clr Bob Foley
  • Mayor Brian Bethune
  • Chief Administrative Officer Ed Chow
  • Director of Finance Kathy Franklin
  • Director of Parks and Recreation Scott Walker

Family & Community Services

  • Clr Myron Zajic – M.D. of Wainwright Representative
  • Clr Will Challenger – Town of Wainwright Representative
  • Clr Randy Tizzard – Town of Wainwright Representative
  • Clr Bruce Cummins – M.D. of Wainwright Representative
  • Clr Valerie Gramlich – Village of Chauvin Representative
  • Clr Wendy Belik – Village of Edgerton Representative
  • Clr Dennis Fuder – Village of Irma Representative
  • Cathy Charlton – Director

Municipal Planning Commission

  • Clr Will Challenger – Chairman
  • Mayor Brian Bethune – Vice-Chairman
  • Clr Bob Foley
  • Clr Patrick Moroz
  • Clr Randy Tizzard
  • Director of Planning and Development
    • Scott Flett – Secretary

Parks & Recreation Board

  • Clr Patrick Moroz – Chairman
  • Clr Bob Foley – Town of Wainwright Representative
  • Clr Bruce Cummins – M.D of Wainwright Representative
  • Clr Phil Valleau – M.D of Wainwright Representative
  • Les Sinclair – Senior Representative
  • Robert Sawchuk – Member at Large
  • Cole Aykroyd – Youth Representative
  • Scott Walker – Director of Parks & Recreation
  • George Miller – Facility Manager
  • Marilyn Lee – Secretary 

Public Library Board

  • Linda White – Chair
  • Jeff Newland – Vice-Chair
  • Clr Bob Foley – Town of Wainwright Representative
  • Clr Randy Tizzard – Town of Wainwright Representative
  • Clr Phil Valleau – M.D. of Wainwright Representative
  • Diane Kingswood – Member at Large
  • Sharleen Skinner – Member at Large
  • Kelly Mazerolle – Member at Large
  • Stacey Rathje – Member at Large

Regional Waste To Energy Authority

  • Mayor Brian Bethune – Town of Wainwright Representative
  • Clr Corey Challenger – Village of Irma Representative
  • Reeve Bob Barss – M.D. of Wainwright Representative
  • Clr Will Challenger – Town of Wainwright Representative
  • Clr Ted Wilkinson – M.D. of Wainwright Representative
  • Kathy Franklin – Secretary 

Subdivision & Development Appeal Board

  • Doug Rawluk – Chair
  • Chris Pfisterer – Vice-Chair
  • Bruce McCluskey
  • Allan Keller
  • Jeff Newland
  • Clr Bruce Pugh
  • Secretary – Executive Assistant


Ambulance Society

  • Clr Will Challenger
  • Clr Bruce Pugh


  • Wainwright Assessment Group – Larry James


  • Donald L. Isaman Professional Corporation

Battle River Foundation

  • Clr Randy Tizzard

Cemetery Association

  • Director of Parks & Recreation

Disaster Services

  • Director – Cliff Bethune
  • Deputy – Chief Administrative Officer
  • Deputy – Scott Flett

Economic Development Board

  • Clr Bob Foley
  • Clr Will Challenger

Fire Department

  • Fire Chief – Cliff Bethune
  • Deputy Fire Chief – Dean Martineau
  • Assistant Fire Chief – Matt Slimmon

Heritage Advisory Board

  • Clr Patrick Moroz

Intermunicipal Development Plan Committee

  • Mayor Brian Bethune
  • Clr Will Challenger
  • Clr Patrick Moroz

Municipal School Reserve Committee

  • Clr Bruce Pugh

Northern Lights Library Board

  • Clr Bob Foley
  • Clr Randy Tizzard – alternate

Returning Officer

  • Chelsey Eklund

HandiVan Society

  • Clr. Bruce Pugh
  • Mayor Brian Bethune