Town Services

Message from Mayor

Mayor-photo-267x300As Mayor, I am excited to serve our growing community. My sincere desire is to engage our citizens in the decisions of the town. It is especially important to have residents involved in this process as we face unique and challenging times as we continue to grow, while keeping in mind that there are only so many tax dollars in your pockets.

I encourage you to be informed on the issues facing Wainwright, ask questions, and share your thoughts on how your town leaders can best serve our community.

One excellent source of information about our town is through the use of this website. While it is important that the town use the website to share information with residents, it is also important that you, our residents, utilize this tool to know the business and happenings of the Town. There is a wealth of information provided on the site including the organizational structure, budget information, programs and services offered around town as well as some history and attractions information. I ask that you take advantage of the information and use it to communicate your ideas and recommendations for improving our town.

While this website provides a lot of information, we also have a very capable staff that can help you with inquiries that are more specific. Contact information is available throughout this site for various town departments and your town council. I invite you to contact us as needs arise, to clarify any concerns or to answer questions.

We look forward to serving you as we continue to strive to be a town of Vision and Progress.

Thinking of Moving here? Just do it….you won't be sorry. Moving here with the Military? We welcome you and hope your stay will be lengthy. Just Visiting ? Enjoy your stay and come back often. Thinking of relocating your business ? Our doors are open.

A town is only as great as it’s people and the people in our town are the GREATEST.

Best Regards,


Mayor Brian Bethune