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Custom Bakery & Supply Co.

Can a donut really be love at first sight? Well I truly believe it can!

The first time I sunk my teeth into the mouth-watering fluffy goodness I was hooked. Can you believe that one simple donut could transform into what is now the perfect little gem of a Bakery right in our very own Downtown?

Custom Bakery & Supply Company has filled a void that our community has been longing for; A healthy bakery, café style restaurant, and an avenue for take home meals and treats that are both delicious and convenient!

As soon as you enter the Bakery, your senses will explode with the scent filled air of baked breads, gooey cinnamon rolls, or the daily special simmering in the background. The friendly staff will be greeting you with a smile, ready to serve your order. Whether it is the lunch special, custom birthday cake, catered meals, or a pack of home-made buns you will never leave with empty hands… or should I say empty bellies!

Quinton Grunow, owner of Custom Bakery & Supply Co., has so much pride in creating products that are going back to the basics by implementing ingredients that you can actually pronounce.  Early mornings behind the scenes equate into hearty meals and delicious delicacies that you could only dream of!

As a busy father of three, Quinton’s 20+ years of experience in the food industry opened his eyes to an opportunity for both him and the community. Quinton and his creative team are able to create elemental meals while offering customized options to satisfy every need. Pre-ordering custom meals and tasty treats whether it be for work functions, family occasions, special events, or simply ‘just because’ is all conceivable without breaking the bank. Quality, convenience, and affordability; everything you can expect and more are all achievable through the collaborative efforts this team puts forward.

“when times are busy, we prepare healthy meals for you to take home to the ones you love.”

Quinton is also expanding to support our senior citizens by offering delivery, making it easier for our seniors to have access to healthy home cooked meals and that is really wonderful thing!

If you are a strolling our delightful downtown, I highly recommend that you pop into the Custom Bakery, say hi to the welcoming staff, enjoy a meal right at the restaurant, or take something home for tonight that your family will be sure to savor!

“the only thing I like better than talking about food, is eating” -John Walters


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