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Garrison Wainwright


Garrison Wainwright Information (located in the M.D. of Wainwright)

One of the busiest Army bases in Canada, at any given time there are more than 1000 regular military, reserve and civilian workers at Wainwright Garrison (main gate located adjacent to Wainwright's western boundary). There were 726 regular military, 21 reserve Class A, B, and C forces, and 316 civilian workers at CFB/ASU Wainwright as of September 2020. The Base population may expand by up to 4000 extra soldiers at least twice per year to support special training initiatives. Current functions of CFB/ASU Wainwright are to provide support to military individual and collective training, maintenance of the Range and Training Centre and Support to unit.  Operational and Support Units include: 742 Communications Squadron DET Wainwright, Canadian Manoevre Training Centre, 12 Canadian Forces Health Services Centre, 1 Dental Unit DET Wainwright, Area Support Unit Wainwright and 1 Wing DET CMTC.

Wainwright Garrison Population Information

Population Impact (Regular Force members and dependents) Local Spending Impact Estimated Local Spending Impacts (Direct & Indirect) Estimated Direct Employment Estimated Indirect & Induced Employment
1,744 $54,569,000 $68,407,000 1,007 186

Wainwright Garrison Economic Impact Supporting Document