Communities in Bloom

Congratulations to the Communities in Bloom Organization and the entire Wainwright area in winning the Provincial crown! We were victorious in the 2,001 to 6,000 population category, but more than this, we received the highest point total (880) of any village / town / city in the provincial Communities in Bloom competition this year.

Our 880 points earned us another “5-Bloom” award in 2011, and this is our sixth straight year at that level.

We are all very excited and proud of our first provincial win. Wainwright is always moving ahead!

We are especially thankful to our Wainwright CIB Committee, who have been an incredibly dedicated group beautifying our community for nine straight years. These volunteers actually received a special commendation from the Provincial judges this year (below).

CIB Committee

The 2011 Evaluation Form made special mention of the CIB Committee stating: “The CiB Committee in Wainwright has been the vanguard for the CiB Program since 2002 and has helped the Town achieve 5 blooms six years in a row. The Committee members (25 volunteers) are a sustaining force that promotes civic pride. Through sheer tenacity and enthusiasm, they have successfully motivated all sectors of the community, including volunteers at large, to buy into the CiB Program

They have created and maintained many “Wow” public beds and floral containers, and the landscape of historic downtown is all the more attractive for that. Their tireless fund raising and countless volunteer hours of ‘hands on’ activities remain the driving force behind the CiB achievements.

Their dedication to the Communities in Bloom Program is exemplary.”

cib_sign-300x225Need more information? Want to get involved? Contact:

What can you do to help

  • Business owners can sweep and weed in front of their shops, and tidy up flower boxes. Any cigarette butts should be swept up.
  • Residents can beautify their properties by mowing the lawn, tidying up floral displays and weeding the sidewalk in front of their homes.

Information on Communities in Bloom

Communities in Bloom is a Canadian non-profit organization promoting civic pride, environmental responsibility and beautification. The program also provides an opportunity to improve quality of life, encourage community participation and protect and promote green spaces.

In Alberta, communities can participate in either the provincial or national dedication of the program. Communities are categorized by population and are evaluated following eight criteria:


bevans_park-300x225Tidiness includes an overall tidiness effort made by the municipality, businesses, institutions, and residents of the community. Elements for evaluation are green spaces (parks, etc.), medians, boulevards, sidewalks, streets, municipal, commercial, institutional and residential properties, ditches, road shoulders, vacant lots and buildings and signage, with regard to weeds, maintenance and repair, litter clean-up (including cigarette butts and gum), graffiti and vandalism

Environmental Action

Environmental action includes efforts and achievement by the municipality, businesses, institutions, and residents of the community, with respect to: policies, by-laws and best practices, 3-R initiatives (reduce/reuse/recycle), waste reduction, landfill sites, hazardous waste collections, water conservation, naturalization, environmental stewardship activities, and environmentally friendly transportation, under the guiding principles of sustainable development

Heritage Conservation

Heritage Conservation includes efforts made by the municipality, businesses and institutions,and residents to preserve heritage within their community. Priority in evaluation is given to natural heritage, as well as the integration of landscape and streetscapes as it pertains to the built heritage of a community. Also consists of preservation of cultural heritage which includes monuments, memorials, artifacts, museums and history, archives, traditions, customs, heritage foods and the arts and festivals and celebrations. The evaluation includes:

  • Wainwright-Hotel-300x225natural heritage management plans; sites, parks, cemeteries, heritage gardens and trees, native plants
  • the relationship of the landscape to the built heritage;
  • overall preservation of traditions and customs through year-round festivals and celebrations, events and parades, heritage foods and the arts
  • As well, the participation of groups such as the Historical Society is considered

Urban Forestry

Urban Forestry includes the efforts made by the municipality, businesses and institutions, and residents with regards to written policies, by-laws, standards for tree management (selection, planting, and maintenance), long and short-term management plans, tree replacement policies, tree inventory, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), heritage, memorial and commemorative trees


wallace_gazebo-300x225(Parks & Grounds, Green Spaces, Streetscapes – including Turf & Groundcovers)

This section of the evaluation supports all efforts to create an environment showcasing the overall surroundings. The overall plan and design must be suitable for the intended use and location on a year-round basis. Elements for evaluation include: native and introduced materials; balance of plants, materials and constructed elements; appropriate integration of hard surfaces and art elements, use of turf and groundcovers. Landscape design should harmonize the interests of municipal, commercial and residential sectors of the community. Standards of execution and maintenance should demonstrate best practices, including quality of naturalization, use of groundcovers and wildflowers, turf management and maintenance. The evaluation will consider how the spaces create a sense of place within the community, actively utilized yer-round.

Floral Displays

cib_hanging_baskets-058-300x225“Floral Displays” evaluates the efforts made by the municipality, businesses and institutions, and residential sectors of the community to design, plan, execute, and maintain floral displays of high quality standards. Evaluation includes the design and arrangements of flowers and plants (annuals, perennials, bulbs, ornamental grasses) in the context of originality, distribution, location, diversity and balance, colour, and harmony. This pertains to flowerbeds, carpet bedding, containers, baskets and window boxes.

View Wainwright’s 2011 CIB Evaluation Form

The Communities in Bloom program offer multiple benefits, such as an increased sense of civic pride and a chance for community involvement. It is an opportunity for participants from all walks of life to work with and create relationships with local groups, organizations, businesses and municipal government.

More information on the Communities in Bloom program