Memorial Tree Program

  • All applicants for the Memorial Tree program must fill out the Memorial Tree Application form. Purchase of a memorial tree is subject to availability and on a first come-first served basis. Full payment must be received prior to the order and placement of trees.
  • Applicants will be able to choose from three different tree species – each at the 10-gallon size – 6-8 feet in height. The three species are:
    1. Shaughnessy Cohen Flowering Crab
    2. Dropmore Linden
    3. Blue Colorado Spruce

    A photo of each tree is available at the bottom of the page or through the Parks and Recreation Department.

  • All species will be the same cost – $500.00 (taxes included) – but planting locations will vary based on the assessment of the proposed green space location.
  • Purchasers receive a growth guarantee of 20 years from the date of purchase – the Town of Wainwright will cover the planting, maintenance and if necessary, replacement cost of each tree during this period.
  • The Parks and Recreation Department shall provide a map of available tree locations to the applicant for selection of a preferred location. When available, a representative of the department will meet the interested party at the proposed site – and show an example of previous approved inscription plating. Final placement of the tree is at the discretion of the Parks and Recreation Department.
  • The Parks and Recreation Department shall carry out the planting of memorial trees at a time that is suitable to the Department.
  • The Town will create an annual purchasing agreement with a local tree provider / garden centre. This agreement will be offered each September, in order to ensure proper tree purchase planning.
  • A memorial plaque no larger than 4″ x 6″ shall be attached to a metal stem and placed in the soil at the base of each tree. Exact wording of the plaque shall be included on the application form. Wording on the plaque shall be subject to approval of the Director of Parks and Recreation. An example of a dedication plaque and ground stem will be available at the Town Office. Plaque maintenance / replacement will be guaranteed through the 20-year period.
  • Customization of plaques beyond the standard provision shall be subject to approval of the Director of Parks and Recreation, with entire cost of the customized plaque the responsibility of the applicant. Repair or replacement of customized plaques is the responsibility of the applicant.
Shaughnessy Cohen
Flowering Crab
Dropmore Linden Blue Colorado Spruce
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