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Housing & Residential

The Town of Wainwright strives to provide for a variety of housing to accommodate all markets. The Town continuously develops fully serviced and attractive residential subdivisions to ensure that an adequate supply of building sites are available to developers. Lots are generally large in comparison to those commonly developed in other communities and all have lanes for rear access and garbage pick-up. As developer, planning authority and subdivision authority, the Town is able to provide for ample green space that is interconnected through the new subdivisions. Lot costs are kept to a minimum as the Town seeks only to recover the costs of development in setting the lot prices.


Wainwright has available a variety of sites for commercial development. Please contact the Planning & Development Department at (780) 842-3381 for more information.

As well, we invite you to explore the below Available Commercial Properties Interactive map

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To view industrial lots available for private sale please view the below Available Commercial Properties Interactive map or contact a local realtor.

Re-development Incentive

Community Improvement & Consolidation (CIC) Program

In order to improve neighborhood appearances, make better use of existing infrastructure, and increase assessments, the Town offers a property tax refund to encourage redevelopment of older properties in Town. This program applies to both residential and central commercial areas.

The CIC program is reviewed and extended on a yearly basis. Find details at:

Redevelopment Incentive Program (CIC)

New Business Construction Program

In order to provide an attractive commercial and industrial business environment through a continued competitive tax incentive and service provision, the Town of Wainwright offers a property tax refund.  Find details at:

New Business Construction (NBC)

Real Estate

The real estate market is thriving in Wainwright. With a growing population and large trading area, Wainwright is home to a dynamic and growing retail and professional services sector, ranging from large box stores to small independent boutiques.

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Land & Building Development

Depending on the type of development you are undertaking, you will need to consider the Town of Wainwright’s permits and regulations for your property.

A good place to start is BizPaL, an online business permits and license information service. BizPaL will provide you with a customized list of the local, provincial and federal permits you need for your new development or expansion project.