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45 Active COVID-19 cases within MD of Wainwright


As of August 13, 2020 there are 45 active cases of COVID-19 within the MD of Wainwright. Although our numbers are decreasing, it remains important to wash hands often, physical distance when able, wear a mask when unable to physical distance or to feel comfortable and to be respectful towards each other.

Please stay tuned to our Facebook pages, website and other means of communication to ensure that you are up to date with all current requirements. At this time there are no additional health restrictions.

While we understand that there is a desire to want more information on the exact location of COVID-19 cases, what we can say is that the cases continue to be localized. Alberta Health Services (AHS) is working with these areas to manage the situation, as per the province’s policies and all areas are currently cooperating with AHS.