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July 7th Rainfall Survey

If you or your business was affected by the July 7, 2022 rainfall event, please complete this survey or update information from your previous survey at:
It is important that any resident/small business that was affected in any way complete the survey, regardless of whether there is a monetary impact.  Small business is defined as an enterprise with yearly gross revenues as reported for income tax purposes between $6,000 and 15 million dollars and employees no more than the equivalent of 20 full-time employees.
The Town of Wainwright is now working on Part 2 of the Disaster Recovery Program application and collecting information from residents/small businesses affected by the heavy rainfall. This information will be used by the Alberta Government to determine whether the rainfall event is considered widespread and severe enough for the municipality to be approved for the Alberta Disaster Recovery Program.
We are still unsure whether this application will qualify for disaster recovery. If you have any questions or would like to respond to this survey in an alternate method, please feel free to contact the Town Office at 780.842.3381 or

Please note that the DRP has several restrictions such as one-time funding per property address, 90:10 cost-sharing and funding limits. To find out more information on the Program and how it may pertain to your property, please visit: