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Snow Removal Information

As stated in the Snow and Ice Management Policy, the Town of Wainwright will conduct clearing of public roadways, sanding and snow removal on a priority basis to allow for prompt response by emergency services, access to hospital facilities, and reasonable vehicle access to the primary roadways, businesses, industries, schools, residences and recreational facilities.

Priority #1, Primary arterial (yellow on the map), are the major through roads that allow for travel across the entire town.

Priority #2, Access to Emergency Facilities & Schools, (green on the map), provides access to emergency facilities such as the Fire Hall, RCMP Detachment Building, Hospital, Airport runway, as well as roadways adjacent to the schools.

Priority #3, Primary Collector (blue on the map), provides access to the commercial, industrial and residential areas.

Priority #4, Primary Local (pink on the map), connects the residential or commercial properties to the road.

As shown on the Residential Snow Removal map, the town has been split into 4 zones for snow removal. These zones will be cleared on a rotating basis to provide for an equitable service to all residents.

The completion time for the entire town should be 10 to 14 days, depending upon snow accumulation, temperature, and unforeseen equipment breakdowns.

Snow & Ice Removal Map

Residential Snow Removal Map