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Wainwright Rated Most Affordable Community in Alberta Again!

Wainwright was rated most affordable community again in an Alberta-wide survey comparing 35 communities. This distinction is based on the 2018 Alberta Spatial Price Survey. Wainwright was also rated most affordable in the 2016 survey. Communities included in the survey range from Calgary with a population of 1.3 million to High Prairie with a pop. of 2,664.  Items included in the survey consist of both food and non-food items.  Food includes items such as dairy, cereals, fruits and vegetable, restaurant meals etc.  Non-food includes items such as personal care, household supplies, recreation, transportation, shelter and utilities.  Wainwright had the lowest overall costs on Non-Food items and was rated 8th on Food items.  The items were weighted and overall, Wainwright, when compared to the other 34 communities has the lowest cost of living in the province.

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