Town Services

Message from Mayor

Very warm and friendly greetings to you! Whether you are one of our neighbours that live in our wonderful town or are a visitor, you are a friend and we are happy to welcome you and have you as part of our community. I am very excited to serve as the mayor of our community, but am only one of over 6,600 people who live and work together to make our town what it is today – vibrant, lively, successful, and friendly.

I often think of our vibrant community as a four seasons one. Each season brings with it activities, celebrations, and community attractions and gatherings. From our annual, well attended and supported outdoor events in the warmer seasons, to a multitude of indoor activities in the colder ones, the vibrancy of these events coupled with the enthusiasm and warmth of the people can warm even the coldest winter nights. We’d love to have you join us as there is always room for more!

Wainwright and the surrounding area has its own pulse and is very lively. People realize that our community is what we make it. We work together to provide the life that we enjoy in our home town. The fabric of our community is woven by special people such as our friendly and helpful business owners and our dedicated and hardworking volunteers whose work is immeasurable. It is woven by the efforts of our residents who care about and look out for each other. The people of Wainwright realize and embody the spirit of how it takes a community to raise a child – they also work to support and raise each other, regardless of age.

The successes that we share are a result of our inherent nature to work together. We are blessed to have a balanced economy that benefits from the agriculture, oilfield, national defence, retail, and service industries. We have become a regional hub that serves the people of the naturally beautiful and unspoiled area that we share in East Central Alberta. Because of this, we offer many more opportunities and services than similar sized communities. And…more often than not, if there is something that you can’t find in Wainwright, a friend will help you find it.

We have a lot to be proud of in Wainwright, but we are not boastful. We have so much to be thankful for, but know that every neighbour and every visitor can add to make us better. We have many services and amenities, but there is room for more and we’d love to have you join us – you will be glad that you did!

Mayor Bruce Pugh