Town Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have a question about a photo radar ticket, who should I call?
A: Global Traffic at (780) 842-1691

Q: What is the difference between a Community Peace Officer and a Bylaw Officer?
A: In Alberta, a bylaw officer and a Community Peace Officer are two separate appointments. A bylaw officer is appointed by Town Council, and the authority to appoint a bylaw officer comes from the Municipal Government Act and the Bylaw Enforcement Officer Bylaw (98-08). A bylaw officer only enforces the bylaws of the Town. A Community Peace Officer is appointed by the Province of Alberta, and the authority to appoint a Peace Officer comes from the Peace Officer Act. A Community Peace Officer enforces selected provincial laws, such as the Traffic Safety Act. In the Town of Wainwright, the Municipal Enforcement Officer is both a bylaw officer and Peace Officer, meaning he can enforce both the bylaws of the Town and the provincial laws listed on the top of the page.

Q: I found a dead animal on the road. Who do I call?
A: Please contact the Public Works department at (780) 842-3381.

Q: I have stray cats on my property. Will you capture them for me?
A: Usually no. In most circumstances, we ask the property owner or tenant to come to the Town Office to rent a cat trap.

Q: I have a skunk/muskrat/other wild animal on my property. Will you capture them for me?
A: No. The Bylaw Officer only deals with domestic dog complaints. Please contact Fish and Wildlife at the phone number listed below. Alternatively, please contact the Wainwright RCMP for urgent complaints.

Q: I found a dog at large in the MD of Wainwright/Village of Irma/Chauvin/Edgerton. Who do I contact?
A: Please contact your respective MD/Village municipal office. The CPO only deals with complaints within the Town of Wainwright.

Q: I have a speeding complaint. Who do I call?
A: Please contact the Wainwright RCMP.

Q: I want to appeal a ticket. How do I appeal a ticket?
A: A bylaw tag written for a bylaw offence can be appealed by coming into the Town Office and filling out an appeal form. All other tickets must be contested in court.