Municipal Historic Resources

Visiting an historic place is an experience like no other. Whether it’s a county school or church, a commercial building on Main Street, or a significant cultural landscape, historic places convey the special meaning of our communities’ history and heritage. Historic resource designation protects places such as these for the appreciation and enjoyment of present and future generations. Under Alberta’s Historical Resources Act, both the Province and municipalities can designate and protect places of historic significance in the public interest.

Provincial Historic Resource designation is registered on a property’s Certificate of Land Title and is transferred with the sale of the property to subsequent owners.

Municipal Historic Resource Designation registers a protective bylaw passed by Council on the land title of the heritage property.

Wainwright’s Register of Historic Places:

  • The Wainwright Hotel – Buffalo Park Foundation (202 – 10 Street)
  • Wainwright Travel Centre – MacKenzie Kenny Law Office (217 – 10 Street)
  • Jack’s Place – Morgan Building (218 – 10 Street)
  • Voila! – Union Bank of Canada Building (224 – 10 Street)
  • Toys and Treasures – Washburn Building (302 – 10 Street)
  • Wainwright Jewellers – Carsell Building (318 – 10 Street)
  • Wainwright Flower Cart – Tory Building (320 – 10 Street)
  • Old Town Hall/Fire Hall (1018 – 2 Avenue)
  • Watson/MacKenzie House (1018 – 4 Avenue)
  • Pump Jack (Petroleum Park/305 – 14 Avenue)
  • Memorial Clock Tower (220 – 10 Street)

Detailed information of these Municipally Designated Resources can be found on the Alberta Register of Historic Places.